Tunisian Technoparks Forum

Tunisian Technoparks Forum is an annual networking event organised by Tunisia Technoparks Association in order to weave collaborations among academia and industry in the field of R&I topics with interest to the Technoparks ecosystems.

Tunisian technopolitan system involves 10 Technoparks that covers the following sectors :

    • Food Industry,

    • Mechanical, electronical and mecatronics

    • Textiles, fashion and textile materials

    • Information technologies and communication,

    • Biotechnology and healthcare industries,

    • Environment and renewable energy.

Tunisian Technoparks Forum Second edition

The second edition of Tunisian Tecnoparks Forum will target more than 300 participants from Tunisia, Mediterranean region and Europe. Clusters, SMEs, startups and researchers will be invited to find new partners and to build up collaborative R&I projects under Tunisian and European R&I funding programmes. More

Second Edition Partners

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