About Tunisia Technoparks

Tunisia Technoparks Association ATT araises from a common motivation of its partners that consists in making the technoparks one of the real lever/ tools of Tunisian economic development.

The overall objective of the Association is to reinforce the capacities of its members as to respond effectively to the innovation and competitiveness needs of companies and therefore to set up a solid technopolitain system in Tunisia.

In particular, Tunisia Technoparks aims at :

  • • Promoting the Tunisian technopolitain system at national and international levels
  • • Enhancing cooperation and partnership with national and international institutions sharing the same objectives
  • • Improving the capacity building of the Association members, by organising coaching and training initiatives
  • • Fostering synergies with members networks to promote collaborative projects, valorisation of research results, innovation and technology transfer
  • • Developing information exchange, sharing best practices and setting up joint actions
Contacts : contact@tunisia-technoparks.tn

Mrs Neila NOUIRA GONGI, ATT President

>Phone: +216 70 24 24 30


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